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Lendtribe is a specialist mortgage broking service that provides expert advice to all clients in regards to what can be achieved through their lending. We are a small boutique lead by Peter Oates ensuring our clients are strategically advised and positioned for success. Our modern process is technology driven creating convenience and ease in the most complex financial circumstances.

Our specialist offerings of SMSFLEND, FHBLEND & SELEND deliver the niche expertise of Peter Oates along with Refinances, Equity Release and Debt Consolidation strategies. We are always giving consideration to taxation, wealth and the long term vision of our clients. Peter has over 15 years experience in finance and is also one of the few mortgage brokers in the market that has a Bachelor of Commerce, Master Of Business Administration, is a Certified Financial Planner and also has held the SMSF Specialist Adviser (SSA) designation. Peter’s experience and education is delivered seamlessly though our niche offerings to clients seeking to achieve their goals faster and smarter.

Please let us know how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

What People Say

“Lendtribe provided a great service. They were comprehensive, gave a range of loan options to suit my needs, and the staff were friendly. I was kept updated throughout the loan application process.”

Alicia J

“As a Financial Planner I understand the complexities of Lending and the challenges that clients face in this current environment. Thankfully Lendtribe has the ability to pre assess my clients situations and recommend actual solutions that work to achieve their goals. I am proud to have Lendtribe as my Strategic Partner for all things Lending.”

Ry S

Senior Financial Planner – Strategic Partner

“We consolidated our portfolio with Lendtribe. Now we are saving thousands and it is far easier to manage at tax time, thanks Pete and the team at Lendtribe.”

Nick K

“Thank you for your assistance and for making the process smooth!”

Beng L

“Thanks Pete for putting this together for us, it has been great working with you. We can see the benefit of your experience of working for the Major Lenders and previously being a Financial Planner has made you a true Lending Strategist. Looking forward to the next purchase! Thanks again.”

Chris M

“Thanks to you and to Peter for your effort on finalising this loan.”

Ajay S

“Lendtribe helped us navigate an investment purchase through our SMSF and now we have a plan in place and are working towards our next SMSF purchase. Highly recommend Lendtribe a specialist for SMSF Property Investing.”Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Simon E

“Thank you so much Jane! Everything was great and professional!”

Yoan L

“Thanks Jane/Pete for your hard work.”

Dr Manoj G

“Thanks Jane this is great news J appreciate your support through the process!”

Brett L

Let’s build something together.

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